The Poppy Fields performances are contemporary interpretations inspired by local stories from World War One, seen through the eyes of two First World War nurses, performed by Michele O'Brien and Hazel Evans. 

Sites for performances have included the fallen trees near the War Memorial in Poole Park, Green Park on Longfleet Road near Poole Hospital which is built on the site of The Cornelia Hospital and Bournemouth Town Hall which was formerly the Mont Dore Military Hospital. A three day pilgrimage took place in the Summer of 2014 as a walking performance, Michele and Hazel started at the Cordite Factory in Holton Heath at dawn and continued to visit numerous heritage sites in Poole, including War Memorials, churches, schools, parks and places of significance during World War One. The performances have been a key aspect of the project in order to disseminate local heritage stories as an engaging and immersive experience for the audience.

Examples from a selection of performances shown below. 

We really felt that we were part of their world! Also, I have now seen parts of the Town Hall that I have never seen before! Great performance, thank you!

Wonderful performance tonight. Packed full of emotion. So simple but so clever. Well done both!

Poppy Fields - Site of the Fallen Trees at Poole Park, Poole Dorset



A three day 'performance' pilgrimage, walking to through over 30 heritage sites of Poole and Bournemouth. Meeting and greeting the public and sharing the historical stories of the project.



A special site specific commission for Bournemouth Town Hall as part of the Award Winning Arts Festival, immersing the audience in the history of the building and guiding them into spaces never seen before by the public.

Event Photography by Danika Westwood and Sharon Gadellaa